At Camping Etxarri, you’ll find entertainment for every family member. We want you to live and enjoy your vacation to the fullest in our facilities. Our animation team will make your stay at the campsite an experience filled with limitless fun.

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The little ones will be fascinated with our painting workshops, bracelet making, craft sessions, face painting, drawings, and children’s music sessions. In all of these, they can unleash their imagination and express their creativity.

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board games

With our board game sessions, all family members can enjoy, from the little ones to the adults.

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pool games

Dive into the pool games at Camping Etxarri! Our poolside entertainment offers a unique experience, full of water games that will make your days under the sun unforgettable.

Camping Etxarri, actividades deportivas.


At Camping Etxarri, we believe in the perfect combination of fun, sports, and nature. That’s why, in our entertainment lineup, we also offer sports activities that will keep you active and entertained during your stay.

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Are you passionate about paddle tennis? At Camping Etxarri, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy exciting matches on our paddle tennis courts. Join us for an excellent way to experience sports and competition in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.