We present you 10 activities to do during your vacation in l’Ampolla and the Delta del Ebro. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest with the recommended ideas.


1. Visit Ecoherbes Park Botanical Garden.

A perfect place for visitors of all ages and profiles. In the only botanical garden in the province of Tarragona, up to 400 different species of aromatic and medicinal plants grow. Discover them all and immerse yourself in the pure nature of Ecoherbes Park, an idyllic place in the Terres de l’Ebre Biosphere Reserve. Moreover, in the middle of the park, local fauna roam freely among its various plants and trees. Inside the park, you will also find rest areas and picnic areas.

2. Hiking along the beaches and cliffs of l’Ampolla Coast.

One of the most beautiful itineraries along the coast. Follow a stunning trail along its cliffs, coves, and beaches that connect the fishing villages of l’Ampolla, at the beginning of the route, and l’Ametlla de Mar, at its end. This path was once travelled by the coastguards who watched over and protected the coasts of l’Ampolla and l’Ametlla de Mar from smugglers who took advantage of the night to operate.

3. Visit the Badia viewpoint in the middle of the sea

A different viewpoint from the rest. Hop on one of the anti-seasickness speedboats that will take you to one of the most beautiful places in the Ebro Delta. In this marine area, you can visit the mussel farms of the Delta on a route through a true open-air museum. Additionally, you can taste mussels and tapas with local food or enjoy a glass of cava at the Mirador Badia itself.

4. Dare to ride a jet ski

Your adventurous side is ready to embark on a spectacular experience. Dare to hop on jet skis or water skis and navigate the coast of l’Ampolla and l’Ametlla de Mar through the waters of the Mediterranean. Discover the various areas that offer jet ski rentals and fulfill your whimsical desire to live an unparalleled experience.

5. Sail through the Delta

Explore the Ebro Delta from within. The magnificence of the Ebro Delta Natural Park is more accessible through boat rides and tours that take you through the Delta to the mouth of the Ebro River. You will be able to observe the surrounding flora and fauna along the river and witness the formation of the largest island in Catalonia, the island of Buda.

6. Try the local gastronomy

You can find the best traditional Mediterranean food in the restaurants of the Ebro Delta and its surroundings. With local ingredients, local restaurateurs cook their dishes in the most delicious way possible. Taste the different ways of cooking rice, the star product of the Delta, as well as oysters, mantis shrimp, mussels, eels, and many other seafood products prepared in the most appetizing way possible.

7. Relax with your pet at the best dog-friendly beach in the province

Your pet also deserves to enjoy their vacation just as much as you do! The Arenal Beach is ideal and unique. It’s an extensive beach next to l’Ampolla and in front of Camping Ampolla Playa where dogs can swim with you in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a perfect beach for your vacation, shallow and calm waters where you can spend a splendid afternoon under the Mediterranean sun.

8. Swim with giant tunas in l’Ametlla de Mar

Would you like to have a unique experience that you will hardly forget? Dare to dive into the Mediterranean waters and swim among the enormous tunas off the coast of l’Ametlla de Mar. Immerse yourself in the habitat of these magnificent marine creatures and feel like part of the marine ecosystem of the Delta. An impressive marine adventure that you will remember forever!

9. Bike routes in the Delta

Cycling tourism is an extremely important attraction in the Delta del Ebro. Every year, thousands of cycling enthusiasts choose the Delta del Ebro for their vacations. It is a place where they can enhance their passion and training through the various beach and mountain routes that can be found throughout the area.

10. Take a dip in Cala Maria, one of the best coves in the area

An alternative cove unlike any other. Cala Maria is one of the most beautiful and peaceful coves on the coast of l’Ampolla and the southern Costa Dorada. Spend a peaceful afternoon basking in the bright summer sun and take a dip in the calm waters of this secluded and stunning cove in l’Ampolla.

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